Our Services

Passenger lifts

Our custom-made passenger lifts are accessibility solutions that save time, space and money for every building. Our elevators are an excellent accessibility solution for homes, public buildings, shops, restaurants, schools, office buildings, health centers and residential buildings.

Domestic Lifts

Whether you are looking to install a lift for accessibility purposes or simply looking to give your property value a face lift, our domestic lifts are perfect for virtually any home installation and it comes with low operational cost.

Platforms for the disabled

Whether your need a lift for compliance for a commercial premises or you’re looking to improve the mobility & access for disabled family member in their home, or seeking to improve access for your disabled customers to your business, we offer a variety of customized platform lift solutions to suit every environment and every budget.

Goods lifts

We make use of the latest well tried and tested goods lift technology to ensure high reliability and optimum performance of our goods lifts.
All our goods lifts are tailored to precisely and efficiently meet every client’s individual requirements based on specific environment conditions, volumes and weight of the material to be transported and the mode of handling.

Multi Level Parking Car Lifts & Elevators

Whether you’re constructing, developing or designing a new high-storey building and have considered installing, repairing or maintaining car lifts as a new feature, Topserv Lifts Ltd. has a selection of customized premium car lifts suitable for a variety of applications of car lift and to truly maximize your work space.


Topserv Lifts Ltd provides a complete list of escalator services that include installation of new services, service and maintenance of existing services, whether installed or not. We provide on-site assessments, validation of existing systems, and removal of older systems with a full installation and newer, state-of-the-art systems.

Dumb waiters

For all your dumbwaiter elevator needs within the country, our systems can be installed in residential or commercial buildings.
Depending on the application, with our Light-Duty, Medium-Duty, and Heavy-Duty dumbwaiters, we have all of your lift needs well covered. Our dumbwaiter systems are tailored to best suit the users.

Machine room hydraulic /traction systems

We are one of the leading manufacturers of Hydraulic Lifts and we offer modern technology based quality elevators of every type with minimum brake down calls, Shorter waiting time & downtime. We are engaged in offering a wide assortment of Hydraulic Elevators. The products we offer reflect the feature of safe operation, eco-efficiency and practical low energy consumption with the use latest technology.

Machine-Room-Less Elevators

We offer installation, repair and maintenance for Machine-Room-Less Elevators. Our products are energy efficient, require less space, and their operation and reliability are on par with this gear-less traction elevators. We give the best.

Earthquake resistant lift

This type of lift is considered necessary for private and public buildings, especially in countries with known high seismicity.
The anti-seismic lift is equipped with technology that detects the earthquake before it actually occurs and safely transports passengers to the next floor.
We offer the best when it comes to the installation, repair and maintenance of this type of lift.

Below is another large selection of custom lifts that we offer for commercial or domestic contracts.

• Panoramic
• Passenger cabins
• Freight / goods cabins
• Firefighting cabins
• Circular
• Dual opening
• Classical
• Modern

• Automatic doors with VVVF operator
• Folding doors
• Semi-automatic Landing Doors
• Circular Doors